Newsom Criticizes Abbott, DeSantis Despite His Own Past Push To Relocate Homeless

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) called Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis “cruel” for transporting illegal immigrants out of their states, but as San Francisco mayor, Newsom spearheaded a program known as “Homeward Bound,” which resulted in thousands of homeless people being bussed out of the city.

Many Democrats, including President Joe Biden, have publicly rebuked Abbott and DeSantis for sending illegal immigrants from their states to self-proclaimed “sanctuary cities,” without offering proper notice and adequate support.

Most recently, immigrants were dropped off without notice near Vice President Kamala Harris’ home in Washington, D.C., and also in the small community of Martha’s Vineyard.

Last Thursday, Newsom went so far as to write a letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland requesting an investigation into the matter.

In response, DeSantis defended his actions and remarked that Newsom’s “hair gel is interfering with his brain function.”

Newsom fired back that they should settle the issue in a debate.

“I’ll bring my hair gel,” Newsom tweeted. “You bring your hairspray.”

Abbott also spoke up in defense of the initiative to relocate the immigrants out of his state, criticizing Biden for not visiting the U.S.-Mexico border to see the results of his policies.

“If they will not go to the border, we’re taking the border to them, so they can see the challenges they’re posing to the entire United States of America,” Abbott stated. “More than 2 million people will cross the border illegally—they need to deal with those consequences.”

“[Biden is] destroying his own country by not enforcing the immigration laws,” he added.

Newsom’s communications director Erin Mellon released a statement concerning the “Homeward Bound” policy Newsom endorsed as San Francisco mayor.

“There is no comparison between the two,” Mellon stated. “SF helped people get home to their families. GOP Republicans kidnapped people for a political stunt.”