Nine Migrants Lost Their Lives While Trying to Enter America

In Joe Biden’s America, the illegal immigration crisis continues to rage on. In real-time, border states are having to take action to secure the border since the federal government is unwilling to do its job.

Unfortunately, with reports of illegal immigrants being given social security numbers and ID cards at the southern border, many migrants are incentivized to make their way to the United States.

Numerous reports have come out regarding the dangers of these journeys, with some migrants even losing their lives along the way. Now, yet another similar story has emerged, this time with nine documented casualties.

Tragedy on the Rio Grande River
On Friday, a group of migrants attempted to illegally enter the United States via the Rio Grande River. Nine of these individuals lost their lives in the process while 37 were saved by Border Patrol agents from experiencing the same fate.

Crossing the Rio Grande River, at this time and in this manner, is especially dangerous, owing to water levels that can abruptly change at a moment’s notice.

This is one of many reasons why so many Republicans have been demanding for the Biden administration to get ahold of illegal immigration. However, the White House continues to reject accusations of negligence as it pertains to the southern border.

More on Migrants Making These Dangerous Journeys
According to various reporters and Border Patrol officials, many migrants who died while trying to enter the United States were desperate for a better life. Reports also indicate that migrants are being misled and told that America is a free-for-all, ready and willing to welcome them.

Of course, border states such as Arizona and Texas are doing all they can to push back on this narrative. Officials in these states are continuously apprehending migrants who unlawfully enter the nation.

Due to the high volume of arrivals, many are also being sent to sanctuary cities like Chicago, Washington DC, and New York City. As these migrants arrive, communities are getting a firsthand experience of what goes into processing swarms of new migrants on a regular basis.

Even with Border Patrol officials working overtime, there’s still only so much that states like Arizona and Texas can do.

Therefore, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has been clear that until the federal government stops incentivizing illegal immigration and starts securing the border, sanctuary cities will keep recieving busloads of new migrants.