NYC Mayor Shows There Are Two Systems in America

Covid restrictions have wound down for most of the United States. The deep blue parts of the country have been slower to lift mandates mostly because they had so much momentum in the beginning due to stricter policies. Not surprisingly, there have been unintended consequences due to the uneven rollbacks.

In New York City, for example, NBA basketball player, Kyrie Irving, could not play at home games because he elected not to take the jab. He could attend the game and watch his teammates play, however.

Because of the Brooklyn Nets struggles at home without Kyrie, and the overall ridiculousness of the situation, pressure has been building on Mayor Eric Adams to ease the vaccine mandates. In addition, opening day in baseball is just a few short days away. The mayor’s communications team was going to get to see similar displays like Kyrie’s by the baseball diamond every day. The mayor finally relented on March 24.

I applaud the mayor for allowing unvaccinated performers and athletes to go to work. They should not be discriminated against for a personal medical choice. The problem with the mayor’s move is that it does not go far enough. What about the city workers and hospital staff who were terminated for the same decision?

There was a common theme in this country that the rules applied equally to the wealthy elites as much as they did to the person on the street. Certainly, this was not completely true. You can never eliminate corruption at the highest levels of our society. But it was true enough that the average man or woman felt like they could get a fair chance. The entire social contract rests upon this foundation of trust. The farther away trust moves from our institutions, the more unstable the society gets.

This situation is not limited to the wind down of Covid restrictions. All through the pandemic there were countless examples at all levels of government of rules for thee but not for me. From politicians flaunting their own mask mandates, to having parties in the middle of lockdowns for everyone else. It is not just Mayor Adams who is showing us there are two systems in America. We need new leadership at every level to start to restore trust in our institutions before it is too late.