NYC Moving Forward With COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

As the COVID-19 vaccine mandates roll forward in New York City, NYC workers aren’t happy about it, and they shouldn’t be. The vaccine mandates have been deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, so it’s frustrating for them to still push forward with it.

Although only 1% of the city’s workers are unvaccinated, the people who will lose their jobs are teachers, firefighters, and police officers.

The big question is if part of the 1% of police officers are the ones who are arresting people for refusing to leave restaurants and other places that require a vaccine passport. Wouldn’t that be a turn of events?

New York City Mayor Eric Adams said, “Rules must exist in a city as complex as this. We must obey them. If you work for the city, you must be immunized. That is what you must do.”

No, Adams, the public doesn’t have to follow anything. Numbers prove that if you push back against unjust mandates, the people win every time.

Many people hoped that Adams would understand that the vaccine passport would be terrible for the citizens of New York City and the police department because Adams is a former police officer. He had to know that the optics and the use of force situations would be terrible for the city, and it has. Even the most pro-police people are starting to turn against the officers who are going along with this.

One of the protest signs read: “Freedom needs a booster.”

It looked as if every demographic of people were involved in the protest against the New York City government.

Though a federal judge denied an attempt to block the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, the writing is on the wall, and Adams is only making enemies in the process. We’re living through a societal switch where the ruling class loses. There’s no hope for the elites if this is how they’re going to treat the citizens of their country.

The most significant part about the mandate is that a religious exemption should be considered legally and morally. If the military’s vaccine mandate shutdown is anything to show for freedom of medical choice, the courts and constitution are on the side of the people rather than the government.