NYT Publication Board To Democrats: ‘Move To Center Or Keep Losing’

A New York Times editorial board wrote an article about the Democrat’s road to disaster. They outlined what Americans predicted about progressive “woke” agendas like President Joe Biden’s current push.  

The article says that the Virginia elections “are a grave marker of political peril.”  

It’s been coming since Biden’s first day in office. The path that he’s constructed has disastrous effects in the political arena, and they can’t ignore the fact that he’s not popular.  

It’s expected that the loser of the Virginia Governor’s race, Terry McAuliffe, would pull in everyone he could. McAuliffe brought in Biden, former President Barack Obama, and many other unpopular Democrats to help campaign for him, and it didn’t turn out well. That’s partly a representation of the Democrats who showed up and gave speeches and what their popularity means for their future in politics and their public perception.  

The paper said, “What would do justice, and what is badly needed, is an honest conversation in the Democratic Party about how to return to the moderate policies and values that fueled the blue-wave victories in 2018 and won Joe Biden the presidency in 2020.”  

The problem is, they weren’t moderate then. They didn’t have the capability of holding a majority in the House, Senate, and Presidency.  

“Americans badly need a rolling conversation today, and in the coming weeks and months about how moderate voters of all affiliations can coalesce behind and guide the only party right now that shows an interest in governing and preserving democratic norms.”  

That would be believable if Democrats didn’t push out Tulsi Gabbard during the 2020 Democratic primary. She destroyed Vice President Kamala Harris multiple times on the debate stage and then got kicked out. It’s partly the Democrat party, but a lot of the blame goes toward Democrat voters. They’re the ones who are keeping Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) in office. You can blame the party but still have a conversation with voters.  

The paper then went on to talk about sensible solutions for the economy, schools, inflation, transportation, and many other topics that could be a moderate topic and push unification. Still, Biden’s administration isn’t doing that. They’re throwing out every socialist agenda they have to see what sticks and what doesn’t. Government control over Americans’ lives should be kept at bay, and the Democrats in office at the moment aren’t considering that.  

If there’s anything the Covid-19 pandemic showed us, it’s that local politics matter more than federal politics. There was a considerable push back on federal mandates that went very well for Florida and Texas. The federal government couldn’t do anything because the constitution gives states the right to choose what happens in their state.  

The main statement in the paper says, “Biden did not win the Democratic primary because he promised a progressive revolution. He captured the nomination because he promised an exhausted nation a return to sanity, decency, and competence.” 

That is 100% true. However, there’s something to be said about Biden’s cognitive decline. He isn’t with us, and it should have been noted in the 2020 presidential election, but he still won.