Obama Was Taught A History Lesson On Russia

Former US President Barack Obama was schooled last Thursday for his own misguided account of history where he had supposedly been tough on Russia.

During a conference at the University of Chicago on ‘Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy,’ Obama stated that he had to force European allies to condone Russia’s invasion and annexation of Crimea in 2014.

He described his experience of dealing with the Crimea Crisis and how he had to drag the European Allies into taking action in the way you would expect from countries labeled as Western democracies. He claimed that, in contrast to those times, he is very pleased with the current response from Europe.

People began to criticize his claim, especially on social media. Max Abrahms, a Northeastern University Professor who is an expert in international security, claimed that Obama’s recalling of history was self-serving.

To recall matters correctly, Obama has declined to provide arms to Ukraine, which was the primary target of Russia. He did not resort to using his red-line doctrine when Syria, which had the support of Russia, used chemical weapons. For most of his early administration, he claimed that Russia and the US were no longer foes and worked towards better bilateral relations.

He admitted during a 2016 interview that no matter what the US did, Ukraine was going to be a target of Russian military domination, especially because it’s a non-NATO country. He justified not aiding Ukraine due to its non-NATO status.

Since Obama wanted to pass the Iran nuclear deal, he was relatively lax on Russia in the later years of his administration, especially since Russia was a key player in the deal. Obama also dismissed the notion that Russia was an enemy of the US when the earlier election season was based on that fact. Moreover, in a 2012 presidential debate, Obama rejected the notion that Russia poses a threat to the US.

James Clapper, a former director of national intelligence who served the Obama administration, also wished they had been tougher on Russia in 2014 so that maybe today’s Ukraine Crisis could have been avoided.