One Black Republican DISGUSTED with Treatment on JUNETEENTH

Republican DISGUSTED by JUNETEENTH Behavior

During a Summit, New Jersey city council meeting, a councilman attacked his detractors, calling them “disgusted” by the rejection he received when he was asked to speak at the city’s Juneteenth celebration due to his Republican Party membership.


On Friday, Summit Councilman Jamel Boyer told Fox News Digital that he was “disrespected” as well when he spoke at the Juneteenth event.


“As I’m speaking, the host approaches me and whispers in my ear to conclude. I mean, particularly on this particular day, this is not how you treat your current councilman. It struck me as utterly ridiculous, offensive, and disrespectful. The whole procedure has been biased.”


On June 19, the City of Summit celebrated Juneteenth, a tradition that has lately been taken up by communities all throughout the nation since the day was declared a federal holiday.


Months in advance of the occasion, Boyer was invited to speak, and the plan was to draw attention to him as the first Black man elected to the city council since the city’s founding in 1869.


Boyer said, however, that several members of the Juneteenth Planning Committee opposed his invitation a few days before the ceremony.


“I believe that certain organizations in Summit did not want me to be a Republican and the city’s first Black councilman. Boyer told Fox News Digital, “I think it really drives them absolutely crazy.”


“So, the week before the event, I kept receiving calls asking, ‘Hey, did you plan on speaking?’ from the council president and other council members. Naturally. “Well, they’d prefer that you keep quiet.” Who wouldn’t want it, after all? “Well, the Interfaith Council and the Anti-Racism Committee are represented on the planning committee,” Boyer said.

Boyer responded to opponents during the public comment period of the city’s June 24th Summit Common Council Meeting in remarks to Fox News Digital.


“This was a historic occurrence, and I think it’s necessary to speak to the community about it. But I think it’s important to let everyone know about certain concerning things that happened before the incident,” Boyer said at the meeting.


He said in his address at the meeting that the “Interfaith Council” and the “Anti-Racism Committee” had notified him that they did not want him to speak at the Juneteenth celebration. This information had been shared with him by his fellow city council members and municipal staff.


“The reason they gave was…” At the meeting, Boyer said, “I am a Black Republican, and they did not consider me really Black.” In response, the people present at Monday’s council meeting chuckled.