One Disney Shareholder Has Given the Company a Warning

Over the past few years, many big companies have waded into the muddy waters of politics.

More often than not, these big companies came out with woke, far-left politics, donating to Black Lives Matter and other leftist groups.

As many people have stated, large companies have clients that span across the political spectrum. Liberals and conservatives alike use Airbnb, shop at Target, and otherwise give service to big businesses.

Now, this warning is making a comeback. Only this time, Disney is on the receiving end of this advice. According to PJ Media, Disney shareholder Ray Keating is telling the company to steer clear of “political crusades.”

A Deeper Dive into Keating’s Message to Disney

During a conversation with Fox News Digital, Ray Keating said that Disney needs to make some real changes. According to Keating, these changes need to involve a return to excellent storytelling and distancing themselves from political grandstanding.

Keating’s comments come as Disney is in danger of reductions in stock prices.

In recent weeks, the company has expressed strong opposition to Florida’s bill preventing children in kindergarten to third-grade classes from learning about sexual and gender politics.

As a result, Disney could lose its ability to essentially operate as its own government. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is already openly talking about this. On top of this, some supporters of Florida’s legislation are even saying they’ll boycott Disney.

Situations like this are what’s made Keating uneasy as a Disney shareholder. He went on to tell Fox News that Disney has fallen into the trap of bowing to political pressure from leftists. Now, the company is paying the price for it and Disney shareholders might not be too far behind.

Will Disney Heed Keating’s Warning?

At this time, Disney has already dug itself into a hole of sorts, owing to its far-left political activism. For the company’s shareholders to come out and start advising the company to make some changes is nothing to be taken lightly.

Ultimately, time will tell whether or not Disney listens to Keating and redirects its focus to storytelling. If the company does listen to the advice from Keating, it may be able to undo some of the damage to the brand.

However, there are already signs that Disney may not be willing to walk back its far-left political activism. Since the company came out against Florida’s new education bill, the CEO of Disney expressed an interest in putting LGBTQ+ content in 50% of its programs for children.

Many parents don’t want their kids exposed to any kind of sexual content and have since said they’ll part ways with Disney. If there was ever a time for Disney to listen to its shareholders, the time would be now.