Our Lord And Saviour Joe Biden Has Answered Our Prayers For Lower Gas Prices

Now that President Joe Biden released oil reserves, the mark that he was looking for and quoted, $.18, was far from the result that’s been seen so far.

The Biden administration released a graph showing the “massive” decrease in gas prices, but if you notice, it’s a bit skewed:

The graph starts at $3.375, not zero, and goes up to $3.415, making the entire graph representative of $.04. The line drops significantly from $3.395 to $3.380. Thanks, Biden. You’re doing great.

Interestingly enough, an accurate graph of gas prices represents everything from June 2020 to December 2021. It goes something like this:

Is that a rise in gas prices you see after November 2020? What happened in November 2020 that could have affected the gas prices? Oh yeah, that’s right. The election. There are 81 million Americans that you have to thank for the rise in gas prices. At least the surge is significant.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Former President Donald Trump kept gas prices low and increased oil reserves. That 50 million per day that Biden is releasing isn’t going to Americans, at least the large majority of it. A lot of it will be exported. Americans use 18 million gallons of oil per day, significantly dropping the release amount.

They missed their mark if the Democrats were looking for pats on the back. The backlash isn’t worth the positive attention, if any, they received.

Jack Posobiec has the best response thus far, saying, “WE ARE SAVING TWO CENTS PER GALLON FROM LAST WEEK. THE FUTURE IS AT HAND!!” in all caps.

The future IS at hand. The future of the U.S. will be filled with this type of ridiculous, unnecessary inflation that will affect more than just the gas prices. It’s going to be an all-out attack on the economic structure that’s in place.