Pediatric Group Ignores Doctors’ Issues Over Trans Agenda

In the mad rush to put their stamp of approval on woke medical care for young children, a whistleblower accuses the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) of ignoring real concerns by doctors.

Five physicians proposed Resolution 27 at the academy’s August leadership conference in Chicago. This called for a “rigorous systematic review” of the use of puberty blockers for children with “gender dysmorphia.”

Child health experts accuse the AAP of promoting potentially harmful drugs for children who identify as transgender, according to documents leaked from the group. The association is also accused of attempting to stifle internal criticism by pediatricians of its policies.

Many U.S. pediatricians are speaking out against the AAP’s approach of drugs and hormones first for trans-identifying young people. Many, they said, would benefit greatly from therapy or counseling.

Some teens, they report, celebrate their transitioning. But others regret their decisions and attempt to reverse what they have done to themselves.

The leaked files report the academy’s “shoddy” approach to slinging hormones and other treatments immediately, many of which are fast-tracked into “powerful drug cocktails.”

Some of these treatments can lead to sterility and osteoporosis, according to critics.

The AAP said it is open to “collaborative conversations” about its guidelines. However, it defended its approach as “evidence-based” and dug in on reinforcing which gender a youth chooses.

That reinforcement comes through drugs, hormones, and eventually surgery.

However, Resolution 27 was blocked, according to upset pediatricians, by a rules change within the organization that kept it sidelined. Supporters of the jilted proposal instead took their grievances to the AAP’s internal website and aired them in the comment section of another proposal.

In this, pediatricians accused the academy of “endorsing great harm” onto young people and using “scant and shoddy” evidence to make decisions on drastic and life-altering treatments.

Common sense dictates that radical medical procedures new to young people should proceed only with the greatest of caution. But caution does not interest the woke mob, particularly when it comes to transgender issues. In that case, even with the AAP, it appears to be full speed ahead.