Pelosi Refusing To Endorse Biden For Reelection

The 2024 presidential election could very well be a race without Joe Biden. As the president’s approval ratings continue to tumble, growing numbers of his own party members continue to suggest he should perhaps sit this one out.

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) went on record weeks ago, saying that he believes a new generation of leaders needs to take over the Democrat Party. Meanwhile, other elected House and Senate Democrats have dodged questions of whether or not they support Biden’s reelection in 2024.

During a recent 60 Minutes interview, Biden himself walked back previous promises to run for another term. This time, the president claims he still has yet to decide and it’s too early to say right now.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is now one of the latest Democrats to steer clear of backing Biden for reelection.

Pelosi on Biden in 2024
During a Thursday press conference, Pelosi was asked about whether she’d endorse Biden campaigning for a second term in the White House.

Choosing her answer carefully, the House Speaker claimed Biden did America a “great service” by blocking former President Trump from serving a second term in office. Though Pelosi then said she didn’t want to get into whether it’d be good for Biden to pursue another term.

Interestingly enough, Pelosi has never hesitated to get into the politics of various other issues. From immigration to abortion, gun control, and additional policy matters, the House Speaker repeatedly decides to weigh in on controversial matters.

For Pelosi to give this response when asked about the possibility of Biden running for reelection sends a very clear message. It shows that even within the Democrat Party, confidence in Biden and his ability to lead is very low.

An Alternative to Biden 2024?
Within the past week or so, reports have come out that if Biden declares he’s not running in 2024, then California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) will declare his candidacy for the Democratic nomination.

The rumored possibility of Newsom running for office in 2024 comes despite other Democrats closer to Biden, like Vice President Kamala Harris or Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who may run for the nomination.

In the wake of Biden recently walking back his commitment to seek reelection in 2024, some have said he’s paving a path to leave office after just one term.