Pelosi Says Clarence Thomas Shouldn’t Have Been Confirmed

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi gets a small racist bone in her body by saying that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas should have never been appointed.

When Pelosi was asked, “Should Clarence Thomas resign?” Pelosi responded, “I don’t think he should have ever been appointed.”

Thomas has been on the Supreme Court since 1991 and went through vigorous confirmation hearing and was accused of sexual assault, which isn’t out of the ordinary. Considering that Thomas is only the second Black American to be confirmed, what does Pelosi think she’s talking about? A well-qualified, well experienced, and apparently the left’s qualification of Black American.

Thomas has a history of fighting for civil rights and sat on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission while Ronald Reagan was in office.

Ultimately, we all know that Pelosi, as well as Republicans and some Democrats are only opposed to nominees because of politics and race holds little weight in the matter; even if that’s all they accuse others of focusing on. Thomas won the nomination with a confirmation of 52-48.

According to Ballotpedia, A majority of Republicans voted for Thomas while the majority of Democrats voted against him. The Democrat’s messaging for this type of scenario would be racist.

During Thomas’ confirmation hearing, President Joe Biden was one of the Senators who drilled Thomas. Afterward, Thomas said, “I have no idea what he was talking about” in reference to Biden saying, “you know what I’m talking about.”

Thomas also said, “One of the things you do in hearings, is you have to sit there and look attentively at people you know have no idea what they’re talking about.”

The Director-Producer of a film titled “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words” said, “Justice Thomas was getting tired of being mischaracterized by his enemies. It’s a story that needed to be told, and I’m honored Justice Thomas trusted me.”

Thomas is a great leader, an activist for equal rights, and an honorable Justice of the Supreme Court. There’s no reason to drag his name through the mud and if the Democrat party were using their own standards, Thomas would be upheld as a righteous judge, but they have a double standard to abide by.