Pelosi To Be Replaced By Election Denier Hakeem Jeffries

Hakeem Jeffries is the leading candidate to replace Nancy Pelosi after her 20-year run. Jeffries is a known election denier who openly questioned the legitimacy of former President Donald Trump. Friday, Jeffries announced his bid to lead the democrats in the next Congress. No other challengers have come forward so far.

In 2016, Jeffries was among the many Democrats who questioned Trump’s victory. All of his statements are similar to Trump’s statements about the stolen race in the past 2020 election. From his 2018 congressional account, Jeffries tweeted, “The more we learn about 2016, the more ILLEGITIMATE it becomes; America deserves to know whether we have a FAKE President in the Oval Office.” Jeffries would often claim that Trump was only a Russian asset.

Democrats have relentlessly scrutinized Trump and republicans for nearly two years for rejection of the 2020 election results. The media has also been part of the scrutiny. Democratic and left-wing establishments have deemed it unimaginable for an election to go purposefully wrong. Republicans and Democrats are highly divided at this point. As head of The House minority leader, Jeffries will not help this case as he is even further left than Nancy Pelosi.

Sean Spicer, Former Trump White House press secretary, tweeted to CNN anchor Jake Tapper before his set interview with Jeffries. Spicer tweeted past election denial quotes by Jeffries, imploring Tapper to question Jeffries on the matter.

After the State of the Union interview, Spicer took to Twitter again, calling Tapper out for not questioning Jeffries’s history of election denial. He tweeted, “Jeffries brought the subject up twice- and still nothing.” This incident brings the double standards democrats have about election fraud to the forefront.

News media will continue to push the narrative that Republicans are absurd for questioning the election. Meanwhile, the candidates they back all participate in their version of election results, complaints, and questions.