Pennsylvanians See Sign In The Sky Connecting Taliban To Joe Biden

Sometimes to determine how a presidency is going, you have to look up! In York County, Pennsylvania, dozens of billboards have popped up depicting President Joe Biden as a Taliban member holding a grenade launcher. The hilarity can be seen from I-83 as travelers pass through.

The billboard also has the key phrase, “Making The Taliban Great Again,” precisely what Biden did. Though Afghanistan was going to fall anyway, Biden made matters much worse with his withdrawal plan that handed the Taliban the entire country and allowed their ability to take diplomatic power before the United States military even left.

Biden won Pennsylvania in a slight 1.2% margin in the 2020 presidential election, and with Biden’s recent poll numbers across the country, that 1.2% doesn’t seem too happy with him.

So, who’s responsible? Steve Wagner, a former member of the Republican State Sen. Wagner told ABC27 that he was highly displeased with Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, and instead of just using words, he put up billboards to bring more awareness to the issue. Wagner told ABC27 that he’s always said what’s on his mind, which led him to have the idea.

Wagner’s action displays what many Americans have been thinking, that giving the Taliban a voice and a political presence makes them better than they ever were before. Their military capabilities and political influence have even reached the United Nations, where the Taliban wants to have a spot at the table. That would take the world back hundreds of years for human rights. The Taliban doesn’t exactly have an excellent track record for treating women and gays very well. They throw them off of buildings and cut their heads off.

More billboards are coming soon across the whole state, and Wagner said that he spent a total of around $15,000 on them.

Another billboard was seen in North Carolina, which depicts Biden eating ice cream while watching the embassy in Afghanistan being swiftly evacuated. After the first photo, a photo of Biden peering from behind blinds on a window appears on the North Carolina billboard.

Hopefully, this is going to be a trend that continues through Biden’s administration. The public perception needs to be honest, and Biden’s administration needs to be exposed for what they are.