Pentagon Prioritizes Transgender Procedures On Young Kids

The Department of Defense has traditionally focused on ensuring that the nation’s military forces are prepared for threats to the homeland and allied nations around the world, but under President Joe Biden, that mission appears to have taken a backseat to cultural issues and leftist ideological pursuits.

Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro, for example, recently stressed the perceived importance of addressing climate change as the Biden administration pushes for a budget that would result in a net loss of two ships from the military branch.

“We view the climate crisis much the same way as damage control efforts on a stricken ship,” Del Toro asserted. “This is an all-hands-on-deck moment.”

Now, several doctors within the Pentagon are promoting expanded access to so-called gender-affirming care for the young children of men and women in uniform.

As outlined in the latest edition of the American Journal of Public Health, the Defense Department insists that treatments including hormone blockers and gender-reassignment surgery should be available for children as young as seven.

Claiming that the issue “has only recently become politicized,” the article claimed that transgender children “may require a declarative position without tolerance for personal biases, as the DoD has historically achieved for other minoritized groups.”

Insisting that even prepubescent children “have an inherent ability and right to consent to gender-affirming therapy,” the authors went on to suggest that it is “harmful” to biologically male children to prevent them from participating in girls’ sports if they identify as female.

For good measure, the article concluded with pointed criticism of Republican-led states that have passed measures protecting children from often irreversible and unproven medical procedures.

“New state laws directly harm TGD [transgender and gender-diverse] adolescents by denying access to potentially life-saving medical care and further exacerbating health care inequities, health risk behaviors, and preventable deaths,” the authors alleged.

The leftist push for expanded access to these procedures for children has caused even some LGBT advocates to rethink their position.

Last month, a filmmaker wrote an op-ed using a pseudonym in which she lamented the current trajectory, noting that she “believed in gender-affirming care” prior to dealing with her son’s declaration that he was transgender.

“We called three local adolescent gender clinics, but in 2021, we could not get an appointment,” she wrote. “The clinics had seen such a huge increase in new patients, they couldn’t even put us on a waitlist. That’s when we realized we are not rare. Transgender identities were spreading rapidly, often within social networks. Five of the 10 kids in our son’s closest friend group are now identifying as trans or nonbinary. Our neighbors on both sides each have a trans kid.”