Pete Buttigieg Evades Question On Where Biden Is Moving Illegal Migrants Into America

Peter Buttigieg diverted an essential question about where the federal government is taking the illegal immigrants, which won’t be answered.

Regardless of whether the question is answered doesn’t solve any problem. It seems to be a diversional question to get others to seek the answer, but it’s not as crucial as other questions that need to be answered.

First of all, regardless of what anyone thinks about the federal government moving illegal immigrants around the country, stop asking where the federal government is taking them. To answer this question, it would place the undue risk of harm on the migrants and cause an uproar in the location they’re being housed.

Anyone taken into federal custody has certain rights of privacy and protection of the federal government, even if they aren’t a legal citizen. Before asking where they’re going, we need to focus on why it’s happening and how President Joe Biden can be impeached because of it.

The oath of Office that Joe Biden took protects states from invasion, which would be illegal immigrants being pumped into every state. It’s unprecedented and unwelcomed. We can’t be complacent with abuse from the federal government, abusing our rights, and abusing the Constitution.

If this were a genuine humanitarian effort, the border would be strictly enforced to protect citizens first, then consider immigration policies and effectively implement a strategy to handle migrants who enter the United States. The Biden administration is controlling immigration backward with no anticipation of turning it around. Asking questions is important, but asking the right questions is much more critical.

Illegal immigrants are going somewhere, but we will never know that answer. You can assume they’re being sent to Republican states, and when given legal status, the Democrats expect them to vote Democrat. It probably won’t work because former President Donald Trump got record numbers from Latino voters.