Peter Doocy’s Question Reveals Jen Psaki And The Biden Bunch Don’t Give A Darn About Your Children

Peter Doocy posed an interesting question to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki that in light of Gov. DeSantis’ defense of parents’ rights to choose whether to put their children in masks or not and does Joe. Does Biden agree that parents could opt out of the mask policies? However, Psaki did not respond to the question. Instead, she stated that she believed public health specialists, rather than politicians, should be in charge of making a choice. Her non-response was a complete answer. While she believes that public health professionals should be in the order of making a choice, she does not think that parents should have the same authority over their children. In her opinion, public health specialists weigh more than parents in this regard.

Furthermore, Doocy also highlighted that DeSantis is concerned about the harmful, emotional, cognitive, and psychological repercussions of placing kindergarteners in masks for hours at a time. He inquired as to whether or not officials were concerned about this. The purported sentiments of her daughter, a growing kindergartener, Psaki asserted categorically, citing the alleged feelings of her daughter. She stated that her incoming kindergartener informed her that she would be able to wear a mask all day for two days, while only desire is to attend camp and continue her education. This statement is similar to the claims that Joe Biden used to drive an 18-wheeler. However, even if that is true, it is a sad and twisted statement, as it implies that she has effectively instilled fear porn into her child. Even if her five-year-old believes this behavior is usual, it is not expected nor healthy for that child. Of course, her daughter’s account is just circumstantial evidence used to support her stance. Hence, Psaki’s viewpoint is not child-friendly. Her perspective overlooks research and the minimal risk of transmission among youngsters of that age group.

Additionally, she behaves as if the option is between masks and no school, stating that everyone knows that not being in school harms a child’s mental health. Despite this, Joe Biden did not pursue the teachers union, which knowingly engaged in games that kept children out of school. However, it is not an option between wearing masks and not going to school. That is a false dichotomy. Therefore, the choice is between sane ways: giving parents control over their offspring or functioning under misguided governmental mandates, which are both undesirable.