Philadelphia Mayor: Gun Rights Advocates Don’t ‘Back The Blue’

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney picked an inopportune time to wax philosophical about supporters of law enforcement and gun rights in the U.S. It was the aftermath of the killing of Temple University Police Officer Christopher Fitzgerald Saturday night.

The Democrat declared, “You can say you back the blue but if you don’t back gun control and gun availability, you don’t back the blue. He was wearing a Ukraine pin when he made his remarks.

Kenney added that the public owes it to law enforcement to “do everything we can to stop this nonsense and stop this tragedy.”

According to investigators, 18-year-old Miles Pfeffer shot Fitzgerald several times before carjacking a driver and crashing that vehicle into another car.

And while Kenney bemoaned what he called the easy access to weapons in Pennsylvania, many critics noted that policies that go easy on criminals are in fact to blame for skyrocketing violent crime rates.

X Strategies senior digital strategist Greg Price slammed Kenney for ushering back in “90s crime rates” and blaming the tragic incident on “everybody but himself.” He called the statement “the perfect image of today’s liberal politicians.”

RedState’s Bonchie noted that the mayor was “pushing gun control while sporting a Ukraine pin as a mayor of a crime-ridden city that has lots of gun control.”

Radio host Nick Kayal tweeted that Kenney preaching about who should support the police “is next level arrogance. This guy is completely oblivious to his self-created surroundings.”

Kenney even dragged out the argument that the Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment for “a single-shot, muzzle-loaded long gun used to fight the British.” He claimed the right to keep and bear arms was not enshrined with modern weapons in mind.

The mayor went further and echoed the sentiment of President Joe Biden when he said that proponents of the Second Amendment are “all about money.”

If Kenney truly wants to lecture on supporting the blue, he can back up his own position by championing efforts to lock up violent criminals and keep them locked up. That would go far toward demonstrating strong support for law enforcement.

As for gun control, it is every law-abiding American’s right to defend themselves from the felons who are being treated to a revolving door justice system. Taking that right away makes no one safer, whether it’s law enforcement or average Americans.