Police Supposedly Step in to Save Children from Drag Event

The sexualization of children is skyrocketing and police had to intervene in one recent incident regarding children in a gay bar.

Mr. Misster, a 21-and-up gay bar located in Dallas, Texas, put on a “family-friendly” drag show where children were subjected to sexualized dance moves and inappropriate outfits.

A man dressed in a skimpy leather outfit danced in front of children for money. Leaked footage showed the atrocity unfold and it made waves through social media. Journalist Andy Ngo posted pictures and videos showing the details of the now highly controversial situation.


It’s a common occurrence in strip clubs for the dancers to receive cash tips, often in the form of dollar bills. This drag show was no different and the video shows children being invited to hand the drag performer dollar bills.

One of the transgender dancers, Albert Xavier Estrada, has an “Onlyfans” account where he sells sexually explicit content.


To make matters worse, the drag performers gyrated and inappropriately danced in front of a sign that read, “It’s not gonna lick itself.”


Protesters who were outside the bar protesting on behalf of the children were met with harassment from leftist activists. The activists were masked and apparently angry to see people who opposed the sexualization of young children.

Some protesters told the news outlet WFAA that police were contacted and removed the children. They said police “were able to come in and remove all of the children and their families from inside of the bar.”

However, the Dallas Police Department did not fully substantiate the narrative and said that officers were merely there to “assist in crowd control.”


The establishment media did an injustice to the event’s coverage and called it “family-friendly.” Many conservatives say this could not be farther from the truth as the drag performers twerked in thongs and danced in front of an explicitly suggestive sign while being handed “stripper” money from young children

This controversy comes on the hills of the ever-growing amount of transgender and homosexual events being held for children. In addition, drag story time for children at public libraries continues to gain popularity, and schools hosting drag performers circulate on social media.


As leftist pride events for children increase, the pushback by people wanting to protect children also seems to rise.