Poll: Democrats Express Doubts About Biden’s Fitness

A new poll showed that a majority of the American public and one-third of Democrats are concerned about President Joe Biden’s ability to effectively serve in office. The news comes after a significant number of polls showing similar results, as well as a significant decline in Biden’s job performance numbers.

The most recent Harvard-Harris poll shows that 62% of the public replied no to a question asking if the president was “mentally fit to serve.” Some of the poll results were not surprising, with 90% of Republicans and 63% of independents agreeing. However, 34% of Democrats agreed with the statement.

Separately, the pollsters asked whether Biden was “too old” to serve as president. This was agreed to by 64% of Americans. While this result was agreed with by a majority of Republicans and independents, another third of Democrats agreed with the statement.

Even worse for the president was a question about whether Biden was “worsening” during his administration. Almost half of Americans, including 51% of independents agreed.

The polling regarding Biden’s perceived fitness comes after he ranked the lowest approval rating of a third-year president in forty years.

In addition, a September poll found similar public concerns about Biden’s health and age.

The Fox News poll found that 61% of respondents believed that Biden didn’t have the “mental soundness” tp be president. Only 36% disagreed. The number of Americans agreeing with the sentiment has increased significantly during his term.

While there is extensive concern over Biden, aged 81, and his ability to serve another term, most Americans do not see former President Donald Trump, aged 77, in the same way.

Several polls have shown that when asked a similar question about Trump’s physical fitness or mental sharpness, he rates far above Biden with the American public. Furthermore, there is significantly less concern over Trump’s age.

Biden also trails the former president in most recent national polling, as well as in the majority of crucial swing states.