Poll: MAGA Voters Say Trump Should Seek ‘Revenge’

A recent poll showed that a majority of Americans who describe themselves as supporting former President Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement say that Trump should seek “revenge” if elected to another term in November. The polling result coincides with a number of Trump’s statements on the campaign trail, calling himself a weapon of retribution.

The results came from a CBS News/YouGov poll, which found a majority of MAGA voters agreeing with the former president.

According to the poll, 55% of self-described MAGA voters said that the former president should charge his political opponents with crimes. The statement was supported by about 30% of non-MAGA voters. The idea of prosecuting opponents was opposed by 45% of MAGA voters and 70% of non-MAGA voters.

Trump stated recently that “a lot of people would say that’s not so bad” for him to seek revenge. He cited false accusations regarding Russian collusion against him. “The FBI. Twitter hoax. The 51 intelligence agents hoax,” he said.

“All of these different hoaxes that they did. I mean, you know, a lot of people would say, that’s probably quite normal,” said the former president.

“I’m not going to have time for retribution. We’re going to make this country so successful again, I’m not gonna have time for retribution,” he said. “And remember this: Our ultimate retribution is success.”

“I am your justice and retribution,” said Trump to a conservative audience last year.

The same poll also found Trump with the support of 69% of Republican voters over his primary opponents.

The poll was taken prior to the Sunday announcement that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) was leaving the presidential race.

Last year the former president shared a separate poll result which asked voters what word they would use to describe a possible second Trump term. The largest term was “revenge.” Trump also wrote on Truth Social on Christmas that his political rivals could “rot in hell” and criticized those involved in prosecuting him.