Polls: Trump Leads Among Independents, In Swing States

Former President Donald Trump pulled ahead of President Joe Biden in a number of crucial polling categories this week. The advantages among independent voters on the economy and in vital swing states could signal momentum behind the Trump 2024 campaign.

A Suffolk University Sawyer Business School/USA TODAY poll recently found Trump held high marks on the economy. Among all voters, Trump led Biden 47-36% on the question of which candidate would be trusted more to improve the American economy.

Among independents, the gap was even wider. These voters believed by a 46-26% margin that Trump was the better option to improve the economy.

The president received further negative ratings in the poll, as 70% of the public described the economy as becoming “worse,” while only 20% felt that it was “improving.”

Trump is also leading Biden in states that could decide next year’s election, according to a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll.

The poll found that in the states in which the 2020 election was particularly close, Trump led there 41-35%.

The topline number was even tighter, with each candidate drawing 39% support. Almost 20% of the public remained undecided.

Furthermore, the same Trump led independent voters 32-30%. This number suggests that almost 40% of independents remain undecided between the two candidates.

The public is also concerned about Biden’s age and ability to serve in office. The poll found that 77% were concerned that Biden was too old to serve as president, which included 65% of Democrats. In addition, the percentage of the public that believed that Biden had the mental acuity to serve was just 39%.

In particular, voters in this poll also reflected similar concerns over the economy, with only 35% of the public believing that their economic situation will improve over the next year. Perhaps more concerning for Biden is the finding that 73% of adults believe that their current economic situation is about the worse from the start of the pandemic.