Popular Conservative Larry Elder Says He’s Strongly Considering Running Against Trump For President

Right-wing political commentator and author, Larry Elder, announced he is seriously considering running for president in 2024.

In 2021, he attempted to unseat California’s radical governor Gavin Newsom after he was recalled, but Elder ultimately lost. However, Elder showed his popularity by earning far more votes than any other candidate trying to unseat Newsom.

Elder has made a name for himself in the conservative circle where he used to host a popular radio show. He also writes columns, books and gives speeches. He also threw his hat into the production ring with a documentary called “Uncle Tom II.”

While giving an interview with CSPAN’s Book TV, Elder announced he is thinking about a bid for the White House.

He pointed out that he does not think he would be able to overtake former President Donald Trump or Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis if either chooses to run. “But I’ve got some things to say. And the major thing is the breakdown of the American nuclear family,” Elder explained. “The welfare state has, in my opinion, incentivized women to marry the government and incentivized men to abandon their financial and moral responsibility.”

DeSantis currently has his sights on winning re-election in Florida’s gubernatorial race and has not announced a possible presidential bid.

Trump has made comments leading people to believe he will run again in 2024 but has not made an official announcement yet.

“I don’t feel I’m running against him,” Elder told the Des Moines Register. “I’m running for president. And I’m not running against anybody on the Republican side. I’m running against Joe Biden, if he runs, or Kamala Harris, if she runs.”

The conservative is well-known for his inspiring speeches at Republican-based events. He spoke at an Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition and then went to the Iowa State Fair.

“If you’re going to run for president … the Iowa State Fair is kind of a rite of passage,” Elder told the Daily Wire. “So I went, and I was kind of overwhelmingly surprised by the gracious reception. I met with the governor of Iowa. I met with (the) lieutenant governor. I met with a number of local politicians, and I met with some pretty deep-pocketed donors. Nobody felt that it was an outlandish kind of thing to consider.”

With so much uncertainty still with the 2024 presidential election, one thing is for sure; it will be an interesting race regardless of who makes it on the ballot.