Protesters Had ‘Death to America’ On Fliers

Members of the New York Police Department (NYPD) found fliers containing hateful messages after breaking up the protest encampment at New York University (NYU) this week, including some that called for ‘Death to America.’ The discovery came as anti-Israel protests have grown on college campuses over the last several weeks, leading to hundreds of arrests.

The officers found many pieces of literature, which NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Operations Kaz Daughtry called “inflammatory.”

The literature described the tent encampment as the “Temporary Autonomous Zone.” The literature called for protesters to “Disrupt/Reclaim/Destroy zionist business interests everywhere.” It called for the death of “Israeli Real-Estate” and “Death to America!”

It also read “Long Live the Intifada,” referencing the armed struggle against Israel.

Another poster had a message addressed to “enemies” saying that the “time of calm you sing of will not return.”

“Every day, we increase in strength, and you increase in weakness: our war with you is long, and your losses are many,” it read. “This is something you are not used to.”

“You will not find a truce from us,” it said.

The discovery occurred just days after students broke windows and forced their way into an academic building to occupy it. This led to the protracted police effort to evict the students.

Despite the protests at expensive colleges across the country, other protests in Texas and Florida were dispersed.

This included the arrest of dozens of students at the University of Texas at Austin, disallowing the protesters from being able to keep a tent encampment.

The protests have become increasingly violent in recent weeks, including demonstrators throwing bottles at NYPD officers near NYU. At least one police officer was directly attacked by a protesters.

At Harvard, a Jewish student was stabbed in the eye by a Palestinian flag. Furthermore, Jewish students reported threatening actions by the protesters, including a video of one student being blocked from attending classes by a wall of demonstrators.

The White House issued a statement condemning the perceived increase of antisemitism on campus.