Psaki ‘Cleans Up’ For Biden After He ‘Snaps’ At A Fox News Reporter

When President Joe Biden is asked a question that he can’t answer or makes him uncomfortable, his mild dementia comes out, and he gets angry and sometimes yells at them. Political decency is out the window for now.

Fox News’ Jacqui Heinrich asked, “Why are you waiting on Putin to make the first move, sir?” Biden got upset and snapped.

Biden responded, “What a stupid question.”

It was clear that Biden didn’t want to be heard because he said it softly. That makes the second time recently that Democrats have blatantly snapped when questioned about essential topics. The last time was when Fauci said, “What a moron, Jesus Christ,” when being questioned by Congress.

Politicians need to realize that the public deserves answers. Yes, they get used to the leftist reporters and journalists asking soft questions and avoiding complex topics, but when they’re asked difficult questions, they need to answer accurately. It’s part of their job to communicate.

The actual question raises many questions about Biden’s foreign policy choices. Biden has been incredibly weak on Russia with their constant threats and actions against Ukraine. Biden even said that if Russia acts, he’ll have to determine how to respond, and he said there would be no action if there were a “minor incursion.”

That should take you back to Biden’s answers when asked about Russian hackers. Biden stated that he has told Putin that he expects him to act and that “we’ve established a method of communication now, routinely, to be able to speak to one another when one of us believes anything is happening in the other nation.”

Where did that communication go, and why isn’t it still available? If that communication were ever set up, Biden wouldn’t have made such a big deal about contacting Putin. It seems that it was a smoke and mirrors statement because the public can’t hold Biden accountable on the issue.

When Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about the hot mic, she didn’t answer the question but instead reaffirmed Biden’s actions that have been taken.

Psaki said, “Well, the president certainly does not deny that possibility, given that he has taken several steps, including endorsing and authorizing certain penalties issued by the Treasury Department just a few days ago.”

She also said, “I would say the president is hardly waiting.”

Biden even forgot that he called anyone against the voting rights bills Bull Connor. On that subject, he argued with another reporter. It’s the result of cognitive impairment and an incapacity to lead. Those two don’t go well together. It’s disgraceful.