Psaki Dodges Question on Report Pelosi is Upset With the Biden Administration

During a media briefing on Wednesday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki dodged questions about some infighting among Democrats regarding Biden’s handling of Title 42.

According to a recent report, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was upset over the way the Biden administration mishandled Title 42, which is a Trump-era policy that allowed border officials to expel illegal immigrants — or prevent them from entering — from countries where a communicable disease, such as COVID-19, is present.

“There has been reporting that Speaker Pelosi is unhappy with the way that the White House has handled Title 42 and worried that if it comes up for a vote as a part of a Ukraine package that Democrats wouldn’t have the votes to defeat that,” said Fox News reporter Jacqui Heinrich. “Does the White House share that concern and what do you make of Pelosi seeming to be kind of shaky on just how close she is to the White House on this decision?”
“Well, I would say we’re incredibly close with Speaker Pelosi and the president has known her for many many decades,” Psaki replied.

“I don’t have more to spell out or explain what her meaning was, or what defeated means or doesn’t mean. There are many strong feelings and points of view on Capitol Hill, in the House, and in the Senate about Title 42,” she continued.

“It wasn’t a decision made by the White House, it was a decision to lift it by the CDC,” Psaki added. “The authority was given to them by Congress, and our efforts and our focus is on implementation, and the department, the secretary of Homeland Security is obviously testifying on that, so I don’t have any more to explain on the particular comments but we obviously work with Speaker Pelosi on a range of issues including immigration.”

On Monday, a judge ordered a temporary restraining order against the Biden administration ending the Title 42 policy following a legal challenge from several attorneys general of states that would be negatively affected by the expected flood of new illegal immigrants and so-called asylum seekers into the country.

Political leaders aren’t the only ones frustrated regarding the federal government’s actions in this area. A poll in early April revealed that the decision to end Title 42 was the most unpopular policy made by the Biden administration thus far. With the midterm elections approaching fast, Biden and the Democrats need to start looking at their unpopular policies and begin making changes to appease the American people. Unfortunately for them, they have chosen to appease the radicals within their base, alienating the majority of the country that doesn’t agree with open borders and unfettered illegal immigration. Consequently, they are looking at a devastating loss in the November elections, with Republicans likely to sweep, taking control of both chambers of Congress, as immigration has always been a key issue for the GOP.

Watch Psaki’s comments at the press briefing here: