Psaki’s Response To Doocy’s Border Questions Draws Jeers

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was in another tough spot on Friday when she was questioned about Joe Biden’s failure to visit the crisis he has authored at America’s southern border. Her flailing attempt at deflection was quickly met with derision from commentators everywhere.

The questions arose from the “town hall” that CNN arranged for Biden on Thursday evening. When he was asked why he had not visited the southern border, Biden said he had “been there before” and then casually said, “I guess I should go down.” He went on to say that he was just too busy to go to the border.

At the press briefing the next day, Peter Doocy with Fox News asked Psaki about Biden’s statements regarding not visiting the border. In her attempt to avoid giving a direct answer, she said Biden did a drive-by at the border while campaigning. That “visit” happened back in 2008.

Psaki said that Biden is “certainly familiar” with the border running through El Paso.

Remembering the go-to talking point for any occasion where she cannot answer a question, she added that Biden does not need to go to the southern border to “know what the last administration left a mess.”

That response follows a federal Customs and Border Protection agency report that there have been over 1.7 million encounters with illegal immigrants at the southern border this year, the highest number in American history.

Washington Examiner editor Seth Mandel said that Psaki is “disturbingly comfortable mouthing nonsensical spin” and added that he would “never understand” how “perfectly wired for shamelessness” Psaki and others involved in politics are.

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) pondered Psaki’s comments, asking, “Too busy lying about Border Patrol whipping people, huh?”

Sara Gonzales with Blaze Media mockingly asked if Psaki got her border visit talking points from The Babylon Bee.

Even a Washington Post fact check considered the claimed visit from 13 years ago only amounted to “a brief drive-by,” saying that calling that a “visit” is almost the same as saying that a refueling stop in a country is a “visit.”