Putin Blames the U.S. For Attack on Crimea with Individuals DEAD and WOUNDED

Left for DEAD in Ukrainian Crimea ATTACK

The day before yesterday, at least four people were killed, including two children, and about 150 others were wounded during a deadly attack on the Russian-controlled Crimean Peninsula by Ukraine. Incidents such as these provide a dangerous lesson in how the U.S. GOT is involved in the region.

The Russian Defense Ministry says the four Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) missiles provided to Ukraine by Washington for unspecified purposes were warhead-fitted. Air defense systems intercepted four of them, while a fifth exploded in the air. The very fact that such deadly weapons, supplied by the U.S., are being used and deaths have resulted is one more demonstration of Washington’s complicity in this war to say nothing of the escalation factor.

At one point, a group of civilians were caught fleeing from the beach as others were being taken out on sun loungers – a stark reminder of the human toll behind this geopolitical so-called game. Shrapnel from the missiles hit not far from a beach by Sevastopol at about 12 noon and caused great damage in the place crowded with the civilian population.

The officials in Crimea installed by the Russians have blamed Washington for being responsible for that attack. The defense ministry said the U.S. specialists who provided those coordinates to the missile launchers used information from spy satellites as other available data was not suitable for guaranteed destruction of the plane flying over Ukrainian territory. This statement reflects a disturbing degree of engagement and collaboration on the part of the U.S. in the war, rendering Washington culpable for particular attacks on civilians.

The Russian defense ministry issued a blunt statement: “The American role in this deliberate missile strike on the civilians of Sevastopol, above all, is obvious to Washington and the Kyiv regime from whose territory it was produced.” This is a damning critique of US foreign policy that seems to enhance the violence in order to continue flooding arms instead of looking for peaceful solutions.

It is also worth recalling that in 2012, Russia annexed Crimea, and it is therefore regarded by Moscow as Russian territory. The U.S. supplying Ukraine with ever more sophisticated weaponry only serves to pour fuel on the fire – killing more civilians and triggering a fallout throughout the region. Not only is the U.S. complicit in planning these attacks, but it signals a dangerous turn in American foreign policy.

However, for us advocates of peace and order, it begs the stubborn fact that the US should adopt a new mindset. Spare us the BS that assisting Ukraine with that kind of deadly gear will help to end a process of violence. This should not be tried unless we can foster dialogue and peaceful resolution. The horrific events in Crimea must compel us to rethink our approach and give first priority to humanitarian questions over a blooming of arms and escalation.

To conclude, the most recent act of hostility toward the Crimean Peninsula demonstrates just how absurd and dangerous U.S. intervention in global affairs is. It is finally time that Washington takes responsibility for its footprint in the region and aims to make solutions, not ways to escalate the bloodshed.