Racist Roads Are America’s Worst Enemy In 2021

Key phrases and words like “White supremacy,” “racist,” and “domestic terrorist” are being used to push back on Republican views, but they have no impact whatsoever. It’s a misguided attempt to make Republican opinions less popular and diminishes the meaning behind the phrases.  

Tucker Carlson spoke about Pete Buttigieg’s claim that roads are racist, and even thinking that a road could be racist is cognitively challenging to comprehend.  

The most recent argument for climate change and infrastructure is, of course, the racist controversy. Buttigieg tried to say that roads were racist.

It’s been dismissed that the plans to stop Black Americans and Puerto Rican Americans from going to the beach. It’s also ridiculous.

Carlson said, “We don’t know exactly what’s happening, but we agree with Pete Buttigieg 100 percent that it’s morally wrong. It’s not who we are! So thank heaven he’s got a trillion dollars to get to the bottom of the racist road problem.”

The problem is, Buttigieg hasn’t proved his point. Since the 1950s. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of roads, have been built, and if the issue of racist roads were common knowledge, then there would have already been a fix, right? There wouldn’t be a great realization of a racist road problem that we just figured out in 2021.  

Even if Buttigieg could prove the claim that some highways were built to separate Black communities from White communities, he would have to prove that it still poses racial problems today. That’s a fact that can’t be established even if he tried. Buttigieg was sensationalizing the infrastructure bill so that if it didn’t pass, the Biden administration could claim that anyone who voted against it was racist. It’s a move that was seen a mile away.  

“Too often, past transportation investments divided communities, or it left out the people most in need of affordable transportation options,” said Buttigieg, making his claim for tearing down roads and building new ones. There can always be provisions to keep the roads and give better access, but Buttigieg is saying it is wasteful. We can talk about building new roads if it’s appropriate and infrastructurally necessary. Still, inflation is climbing, and Americans need to live their lives before it’s a consideration.