Raiders Team Owner Says He Would Welcome Colin Kaepernick to the Team ‘With Open Arms’

The owner of the Las Vegas Raiders stated that he would welcome former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick with open arms to his team, despite the fact that doing so would certainly lead to outrage.

In an interview on Wednesday with NBC, Mark Davis claimed that Kaepernick was simply “misunderstood,” saying that he would welcome him to the Raiders if the team’s coaches believed he could benefit them.

“Listen, I believe in Colin Kaepernick and he deserves every chance in the world to become a quarterback in the National Football League,” Davis said.

“I still stand by it, if our coaches and general manager want to bring him in or want him to be the quarterback on this team, I would welcome him with open arms. I think Colin’s a very misunderstood human being,” he continued.

“I’ve gotten a chance to talk to him, I never really knew Colin and I didn’t understand him, and I didn’t really understand the kneeling, what that meant initially,” Davis added. “Over time I’ve learned a little more about it, and I understand where he was coming from.”

The team’s owner went on to push the woke narrative that Kaepernick has a “message to society as a whole,” and even celebrated him for making sacrifices in his supposed fight for “equity and inclusion” in America.

“I stand by that,” Davis concluded.

Kaepernick became a leader of the left’s anti-police movement when he began taking a knee during the national anthem at NFL games, making himself the center of attention in the process, which many critics claim was his true goal.

The former quarterback was later released from his position by the San Francisco Forty-Niners, and has since accused the league of discrimination because no other team has signed him to be their quarterback. Critics of Kaepernick cite his subpar record as a quarterback and the unneeded negative attention he brings to a team as a result of his kneeling as the true reasons why he has not been signed since.

Despite outright comparing the NFL to a slave plantation, Kaepernick recently stated that he would love to play as a backup quarterback for a team and work his way up to the starting position.

Davis’ statement regarding the former quarterback elicited criticism, with people noting that the Raiders don’t really have a need for a quarterback, so the team owner’s statement of support would likely not amount to an actual offer of a position to Kaepernick, and is more of a virtue signal.

Watch the interview below: