Rand Paul Looks Forward To Holding Fauci Responsible If Republicans Retake Senate

The midterm elections coming up this fall are looking favorable so far for Republican efforts to retake the House and perhaps the Senate as well. One strong motivation for Republican voters to make that happen is to bring Joe Biden’s efforts to federalize all elections and enact wild spending sprees like Build Back Better to an end. Another good reason to get out and make a “red wave” a reality is to hold out of control bureaucrats like Dr. Anthony Fauci responsible.

As Fauci’s prime nemesis in the federal government, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has said he would do just that if he becomes the Chair of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP), which he is likely to do if Republicans retake the Senate in November.

In an interview on “Ron Paul’s Liberty Report,” Rand Paul recently told his father that Fauci would undoubtedly be a significant issue in the midterms. He said that if he wins this year, he expects to be a chairman of a Senate committee that will have subpoena power to get all relevant records.

He added that currently, they are only provided highly redacted documents and information about where COVID-19 originated and will not discuss the relevant conversations. Paul said that if Republicans can reassert control of the Senate, he will ensure that they “get to the root of everything.”

Paul also predicted that if Republicans win this fall, Fauci will retire. He said that would be the “best thing right there” for the nation. He added that Fauci has wrongfully de-emphasized natural immunity to COVID through the previous infection. Paul said that because Facui has worked against treatments, he believes thousands of people have died in America.

Paul has clearly shown that he is fearless when it comes to challenging Fauci, and with the real power that would come with chairing a Senate committee, he could get down to real answers. Paul has never backed away from pointing out that Fauci’s claims that he “is the science” are contrary to actual science and public health.