Rand Paul Says Report Of Botched Drone Strike Is “Devastating” To Biden If True

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) appeared on the “Ingraham Angle” Friday evening broadcast on Fox News. He said that the New York Times report regarding a U.S. drone strike during the closing days of the catastrophic withdrawal of military forces from Afghanistan is “devastating” for the Biden administration if true.

The report revealed that the drone strike was intended to target a terror suspect and member of ISIS-K. It was believed that the suspect had a vehicle loaded with explosives and was involved in a suicide bombing plan that posed an imminent threat to U.S. personnel.

Instead, it was reported that evidence showed that the target that was struck was an aid worker and several other innocent people, including several of his children.

Paul told Ingraham that the military should have been ordered to remove or blow up equipment left behind to fall into the hands of the Taliban instead of calling for “an isolated attack” that “may or may not” have hit the intended target.

He added that if the drone strike occurred as reported, it was done as something to “show that we aren’t as feckless” as we were made to appear by the chaotic and failed withdrawal.

Rand Paul said that if the report is accurate, it is “another sad instance of the most incompetent withdrawal” in American history. He added that “we could have certainly blown up all of the helicopters, planes, and humvees left behind and that even if you hadn’t predicted the Taliban was going to take over,” it should have been destroyed if not removed on the way out.

He also told Ingraham that a “long-standing problem” with some drone attacks had been unintended collateral damage.

Even when hitting an intended target, he said that “10 or 15 innocent people” in the target area can be killed, which creates “antipathy that really may” end up being worse than existed before the initial strike.