Rand Paul’s Wife Calls Out Democrat Mask Hypocrisy

The last week on social media has had plenty of looks at maskless Democrat elites partying in crowded indoor settings.

Barack Obama’s 60th birthday party was the most A-list of A-list events, and masks appeared to be the furthest thing from anyone’s mind. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), a glamour member of the “Squad,” was seen having a wonderful bare-faced time at an indoor wedding reception in Michigan.

Many Americans do not fault Democratic politicians for not wearing a mask, as every adult should decide for themselves. What does create friction is the apparent hypocrisy regarding masks shown by people in positions of authority.

Kelley Paul, the wife of Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), spoke for many of us on Twitter on August 10. She said that she was glad that Tlaib was “taking Rand’s advice” and living her best life. Kelley even worked in a clever use of the #Resist hashtag made famous in recent years by Democrats who refused to accept President Trump’s victory in the 2016 election.

The tweet followed Tlaib’s sharp criticism of Rand Paul’s video about recent CDC COVID guidelines that run contrary to science and personal freedom. Kelley Paul celebrated emotional release, actual science, and Tlaib’s duplicity in one short tweet.

Kelley got in a great follow-up tweet that quoted a tweet by Benjy Sarlin of NBC News. Sarlin had missed the mark badly on even understanding why Republicans might make light of Democratic dishonesty.

The serious side of Paul’s tweets has to do with how Democrats think about the threat of COVID. Their private actions belie their public demands for more restrictions and mandates on ordinary Americans. Suppose they were genuinely concerned about the danger they cry out about every day to the compliant corporate press. Within this case, it is reasonable to assume that they will act appropriately when they are not on Capitol Hill.

Meanwhile, Kelley’s husband received a seven-day ban from YouTube and had his latest video taken down. Rand hasn’t been photographed dancing or partying in crowds lately. Still, he did commit the offense of speaking his mind and offering his opinion on COVID as a licensed and experienced physician.