Rapper Cardi B Blasts Biden’s Inflationary Economy

Rapper Cardi B went on a profanity-filled tirade on Wednesday in a Twitter video over skyrocketing inflation. The performer is well known for her far-left views, having twice supported Bernie Sanders for president and hosted a conversation with then-candidate Joe Biden in 2020.

It’s not going well when your own side slams you for what everybody else sees.

Cardi B declared that “when I go to the…supermarket…I’m seeing that everything tripled” in cost. She said that “lettuce was, like, two dollars a couple of months ago, and now it’s like…seven.”

She added that if a highly-paid entertainer like her thinks “that … is crazy, I could only imagine what middle-class people or people in the ‘hood’ (are) … thinking.”

Her profane rant ended with her admonishing those responsible for the high prices she sees in grocery stores.”

Twitter predictably exploded with people noting how she and millions of other Democrats now feel the results of their candidate’s policies coming home to roost.

Cardi B is far from the only American to realize that the economy under President Joe Biden is tough, no matter what the mainstream media tries to preach. A new Gallup poll sharply underscores the pessimism most feel about economic conditions as the new year begins.

Roughly eight out of 10 respondents confirmed their belief that taxes will increase in the new year along with the federal deficit. Two-thirds of those surveyed by Gallup said that inflation will continue to climb while the stock market’s fall will become more pronounced.

And even unemployment, the rare shining star in an otherwise troubled landscape, is expected to rise by just over half of Americans.

The U.S. economy, most believe, is in trouble.

The housing sector continues to plummet, with home sales down in December for the 10th straight month. That dire news was announced last month by the National Association of Realtors.

Another warning sign appeared in December when MarketWatch reported that American households’ real wealth plunged $13.5 trillion in the first three quarters of 2022. This skid of a whopping 8.6% only trailed the Great Recession of 2008.

MarketWatch explained that the record inflation under the Biden administration led to a sharp decline in purchasing power of assets and liabilities. And stocks by late 2022 had lost a staggering 25% of their value.

Wealthy entertainers apparently are not immune to the day-to-day difficulties wrought upon average Americans by Biden’s inflationary economy. It is striking, however, when even the fabulously rich notice the shocking prices that are ripping holes in working people’s paychecks.