Rapper Nicki Minaj ‘Blasts’ Joy Reid For Chastising Her COVID Vaccine Hesitancy On MSNBC

Nicki Minaj is getting heat over a tweet that she posted about getting the vaccine at some point, but not taking it now because she knows someone who has had severe side effects from the Covid-19 vaccine. Let’s be clear, Nicki Minaj has every right to take the Covid-19 vaccine and every right to refuse the Covid-19 vaccine. If the freedom of choice exists for choosing something, then it exists for refusing.

Nicki Minaj has been blasted because she used her social media influence honestly and transparently! Nicki Minaj wasn’t encouraging people to refuse. She just said that she wasn’t comfortable taking it because she knows someone who has had severe side effects.

Are you serious? She casually mentioned that she’d get the Covid-19 vaccine at some point, and this is the hysteria that’s ensuing?

Nicki Minaj encourages people to take the Covid-19 vaccine responsibly rather than sacrifice their beliefs and bow down under any circumstance, and good for her.

The problem is that the left doesn’t see freedom of choice or freedom of thought as a viable human right or expected behavior. They make you believe what they do. Otherwise, they’ll call you racist.

Joy Reid called out Nicki Minaj for her tweet and said, “For you to use your platform to encourage our community not to protect themselves and save their lives, my God sista, you gotta do better than that.”

Is Joy Reid talking about the rap community? Is she talking about the women’s community? Is she talking about the Black American community?

The point is that Nicki Minaj decided on her own not to attend the Met Gala because they required a vaccine to attend, and she shared a story about someone who had a bad reaction from the Covid-19 vaccine that negatively affected his life and may negatively affect him forever. In no way, shape, or form does that qualify as misinformation or discouraging the Covid-19 vaccine. Nicki Minaj is young, probably healthy, and at low risk of having severe complications from contracting Covid-19, and she shared her belief to her followers on her account. What outrage the left must feel that Nicki Minaj, seemingly a Black American pawn, has used her thought process to reach a reasonable conclusion. She’s supposed to be with the left. She’s supposed to fall in line wherever Black influencers tell her to and exactly where the left wants her.

This same instance happened when Ice Cube met with former President Donald Trump. He was blamed, chastised, and called an Uncle Tom because he met with Trump. Nobody talks about how President Joe Biden refused to meet with him until after the election. Do you know why? Because Biden didn’t have any intention of meeting with him at all.