Rashida Tlaib Helps Fundraising Efforts For Group With Hamas And Taliban Terror Ties

“Squad” member Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) amplified a fundraiser event for a group connected to Hamas and the Taliban on August 24. She retweeted a post from Khaled Beydoun seeking donations to Baitulmaal, a non-profit organization based in Texas.

Beydoun is a widely acclaimed critical race theorist, and Baitulmaal conducts fundraising efforts for Hamas. It provides aid from money that it raises to family members of “martyrs of the Palestinian people.”

Mazen Mokhtar, who leads Baitulmaal, has been previously linked with the Taliban and other radical Islamist terrorist groups. He was investigated in 2004 by federal agents for administering a website that solicited funds for the Taliban, but he was acquitted. He was later arrested on charges of filing false tax returns.

Tlaib previously supported known terrorists shortly after she assumed office in Congress. She hosted an event for an activist who supports Hezbollah, Abbas Hamideh. Hamideh has repeatedly compared Israelis to Nazis publicly. Tlaib also shared, and then unshared when discovered, a 2020 post that used an anti-Semitic phrase commonly used by Palestinian terror groups.

Baitulmaal received $10,000 in federal coronavirus emergency funding last year. According to the Middle East Forum, the organization is associated with Hamas terrorist groups operating in the Gaza Strip.

Baitulmaal also works with Unlimited Friends Association for Social Development, another domestic Palestinian group. The two groups work together to distribute money to Palestinian terrorists and their families.

The donations that are processed are administered with the Palestinian Authority’s “Pay to Slay” program. That program has channeled hundreds of millions of dollars over the years to Palestinian terror organizations.

This year, the Authority directly paid $42,000 to the family of a Palestinian terrorist who killed two Israelis and stabbed a two-year-old Israeli child.

The United Friends Association shows Baitulmaal as a donor and partner on its website. Its Facebook page contains multiple anti-Semitic terms, describing Jews as “most dirty” filth and referring to “Nazi-Zionist” jails.

Baitulmaal also partners with Hamas organizations. It hosted a fundraiser in 2008 for the Yazour Medical Clinic, which is a Palestinian Hamas derivative.

The Washington Free Beacon sought comment from Tlaib and Baitulmaal for its reporting, but neither responded.