Red States Beating Out Blue States in Economic Recovery

Red states and blue states have largely adopted various approaches to COVID mitigation strategies.

States with Republican governors and legislatures tended to support individual freedoms. This meant not keeping businesses shut down in perpetuity and other oppressive restrictions.

Meanwhile, blue states went all in on lockdowns, restrictions and mandates. As a result of this, many businesses sustained significant damages or went under completely.

Meanwhile, there’s been a mass migration of people taking themselves and their businesses out of blue states and into red states.

In light of these developments, new information from the Department of Labor confirms red states are leading blue states in economic recovery, per Breitbart News.

Breaking News from the Labor Department

Over a series of months, states run by Republicans have consistently led their Democratic counterparts in bringing back jobs that were lost since COVID emerged. Meanwhile, of the leading 20 states with the lowest rates of joblessness, 17 are managed by Republicans.

On average, states run by the GOP are also able to boast about a 93% recovery rate of employment opportunities. The same certainly can’t be said for blue states that are known for high taxes, stringent business regulations and declining numbers of jobs as businesses relocate.

Meanwhile, states run by Democrats are also forced to contend with a joblessness rate that is, on average, 1% higher than red states. Collectively, America’s 27 GOP-run states have an average 3.5% unemployment rate. Meanwhile, America’s Democrat-run states maintain an average 4.5% unemployment rate.

Feedback from the Republican Party

In light of this new data from the Department of Labor, Republicans haven’t hesitated to weigh in.

The GOP maintains the aforementioned data is a testament to the success of conservative economic policies. Republicans are also pointing out the extent to which lockdowns and heavy restrictions impose burdens upon the American people.

The economy has become a very important matter to much of the country. Therefore, with midterm elections approaching, it certainly works in the favor of Republicans to have a leg-up on Democrats regarding economic recovery.

More emphasis continues to be placed on the economy amid inflation and higher prices of gas. Both of these problems are really hitting the American people where it hurts and making life less affordable.

At this time, the GOP maintains that by Americans voting them back into the Senate and House majorities, the country can truly begin to recover. Multiple polls also have Republicans projected to win big in November’s midterm elections.