Report Accuses Iran Of Planning Hamas Attack

The Biden administration and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu face a stark challenge after it was revealed that the Islamic Republic of Iran was allegedly involved in the planning and execution of the deadly attacks across Israel this weekend which killed more than 700 people.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Iran had a direct role in the series of attacks across Israel this weekend. According to the reporting, Iran had met with several of the terrorist groups in the region, including Hamas, to plan an attack. Also involved in the assault was Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

The report states that the Iranian officials met with Hamas and Shia Islamist terrorist group Hezbollah in Lebanon last week. Allegedly, the Iranians signed off on the attack. The newspaper also reported that three Iranian officials had assisted in planning the attack since August.

Hamas has thanked Iran for assistance, but an official denied that Iran was behind the attacks. American officials have also said that they had no official confirmation that Tehran was directly involved.

However, American officials have also cautioned that Iran may be trying to bait the United States into a wider conflict.

The United States has taken some action since the massacre this weekend, including sending the USS Gerald Ford carrier strike group to the Eastern Mediterranean.

However, while the White House has expressed support for Israel’s right to defend itself, there has been mixed messaging from the Biden administration. Secretary of State Antony Blinken had written on social media that he spoke with Turkish officials about possibly brokering a ceasefire.

Blinken then deleted the post.

A number of prominent Republicans also criticized the White House over a deal it announced in December to transfer $6 billion to the Islamic Republic in exchange for five Americans held by Iran. The administration insists that the money will only go toward the purchase of goods such as medicine and food, but Republicans believe that the money would offset other spending on military goals and terrorism.