Report: Democratic Donors Are Considering Prodding Pete Buttigieg To Run Against Kamala Harris In 2024

One of the best and worst things that could happen is for the secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, to run for president in 2024 and against Vice President Kamala Harris. The good part is that Harris would lose, but the bad part is that Buttigieg may get more votes than anticipated and drown out Republican voters. It honestly may not be as big of an issue as it seems because Democrats would be split between voting for a Black-Indian president or a gay president. The social justice compromises would be interesting to watch. Hate would come from all sides of the Democrat party, blaming some for being homophobic and others for being racist. It would be a spectacle to see. 

Grace Panetta with Business Insider tweeted that “Harris donors are ‘sad’ about the current state of her political operation” and that the Biden administration is falling apart. It is even after Harris hired new advisors to help her out. All she had to do was put forth some effort to turn things around and complete the work she agreed to perform. Thank God she didn’t get the presidential nomination with how bad she’s doing as vice president.  

Buttigieg is doing equally as wrong. While he was on paternity leave when he and his partner adopted twins, there’s a supply chain issue where at least 70 ships can’t offload their cargo in California. There are other elements at play, but Buttigieg should have been working on it and, at the very least, putting up answers to the problems, but he wasn’t. Buttigieg doesn’t work at a retail outlet where he can come and go as he pleases with little to no effect on customers. He works for the federal government in a prominent position and has shown his inability to solve problems.  

Harris and Buttigieg would ultimately get eaten alive by any Republican opponent. Every wrong decision in the Biden administration would be blamed on both of them. Several facts could back up why it was at least partly their fault.  

The fact that donors suggest political opponents for the 2024 election tells you how tired they are of how things are currently going. They want out. They want a new face already, and it’s refreshing to see that it’s not only Republicans who are tired of the way this country is being led. 

With the support for Buttigieg, it may be more likely that Harris would pick Buttigieg for her vice president in the chance that Biden steps down or is removed from office. Honestly, it’s anybody’s guess, and Harris seems clueless at this point, so she may not even know. Maybe her advisors will tell her who to pick. They’ve been wrong so far, so what would be the difference?  

The current administration is making political leadership look like a pretend battle of who can be a more prominent victim or who can virtue signal their way to the top. Nobody is winning that race.