‘Reported For Misinformation’: Biden White House Still Trying To Convince Us Things Are Going Great

When President Joe Biden says that job numbers are up and unemployment is down during his administration, he’s saying that the United States has allowed life to mostly return to normal, and the unemployment kickbacks have ended.  

What Biden isn’t taking into account is inflation. From gas prices to grocery store items, you’ve noticed that it’s gotten much more expensive to live your life as usual under Biden than when former President Donald Trump was in office. Trump gave the United States oil independence. That meant that the United States wasn’t importing oil from other countries, and the price went down. Imagine that. Now that Biden is back in the office, oil and energy are imported, which causes the price to rise. Funny enough, Biden wants to tackle climate change. The best way to do that is to allow more emissions into the air by traveling further with energy resources. Wrong.  

Biden shut down the Keystone XL pipeline, which hurt the future of oil independence in the United States. Honestly, the best way Biden could tackle the climate change crisis is to keep energy production inside the United States because the regulations on pollution are so high that it would have a smaller carbon footprint than other places. Then again, Biden doesn’t care about climate change. He only acts like he does because it’s easier to control the American people, just like the Covid-19 vaccine mandates that have little to do with actual natural antibodies and everything to do with inoculating every citizen with the Covid-19 vaccine and ignoring the fact that a 98.4% overall survival rate means that the Covid-19 virus isn’t that deadly.  

So yeah, things are better for the government who has stepped into every citizen’s home by forcing those who want to keep their job to get a vaccine and rising gas and grocery prices. That means that Americans are going to have to pay more taxes. Not a higher percentage, but a higher amount. When the price rises, so do tax percentages, and with Biden’s constant “tax the 1%” nonsense, it’s also going to force everyone who makes over $400,000 to raise their product costs. Yes, a $400,000 salary is the 1% in the United States.  

The @POTUS Twitter account, which Biden doesn’t run, tweeted, “Jobs up, wages up, unemployment down. That’s progress.” Progress for who? The over 70,000 hospital employees in New York were just fired because they chose not to get the Covid-19 vaccine? The military member will be dishonorably discharged because they don’t want to get the Covid-19 vaccine? There have been 52 military troops that have died from Covid-19. That’s a startlingly low number. Nobody wants to do any studies to determine why, though. Maybe it’s the healthier lifestyle.  

Biden also says that wages are up. That’s not true. Businesses are struggling to stay open in a lot of places. New York City businesses have seen a significantly lower revenue stream. Some say that it’s down 25% since New York City mandated that patrons be vaccinated to go out to eat, go to the gym, or attend events. It isn’t the United States that you remember. It’s drastically different than it used to be before January 20th, 2021. You know the reason.