Reporter Admits That Despite Pressure, Voters Care About Economy More Than J6

During Wednesday’s broadcast of ABC’s “World News Tonight,” ABC News Chief Global Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz admitted that, despite the relentless campaign from the Democrats about January 6 and threats to democracy, voters’ major concern is the economy.

According to Raddatz, who was reporting on the Nevada Senate race, even when pressing voters about January 6, “they turn the conversation to the economy. That is what matters to those voters.”

She went on to note that the issue of the economy is “what Republicans are trying to focus on.”

Discussing the Nevada race with Raddatz, host David Muir smeared the state’s Republican Senate candidate, Adam Laxalt, citing his opponent’s talking points about election denial.

“And Martha, Sen. Cortez Masto (D-NV), I know emphasizing her rival’s embrace of false election claims over 2020, she said that Adam Laxalt helped ‘fuel the mob’ on January 6,” Muir said. “You were on the ground in Nevada, and while I know this is a significant issue for many, still, issue number one in that state, you heard from voters, the economy?”

Raddatz responded by noting that, while Republicans are focusing on the economy, “Democrats are urging Nevada voters to stick with them” and keep them in office past the upcoming midterm elections.

“Yeah, David, even if you ask voters about January 6 or election denial, they turn the conversation to the economy,” she said. “That is what matters to those voters. That is, of course, what Republicans are trying to focus on. But Democrats are urging Nevada voters to stick with them and trying to convince them they can turn it around.”

Muir concurred that economic issues are the most important issues to voters in the midterms, stating: “But we hear it all across this country, Martha, economy, issue number one.”

With the midterm elections less than a week away, on November 8, Democrats are still focusing most of their messaging on issues that aren’t of great concern to the majority of Americans at the moment — abortion, the January 6 Capitol riot and attempting to paint all Republicans as “threats to democracy.” Meanwhile, Republicans have centered their campaigns around skyrocketing inflation, record-high gas prices and soaring crime — all of which have shown to be problems that average Americans put at the top of their list of concerns, according to polling.