Reports From Americans Stranded In Afghanistan CONTRADICTS Biden Administration ‘Evacuation Claims’

Reports indicate that Americans in Afghanistan who have not yet entered the U.S. military perimeter around the Kabul airport are indeed stranded. Despite claims made by the Biden White House, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) has told the Washington Free Beacon that emergency requests for aid are not effectively addressed.

Issa’s office has been working to assist California residents still trapped in Afghanistan. His spokesman Jonathan Wilcox said the families they have had contact with are “scared, stranded, and trapped” in Kabul. Wilcox said that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is “dead wrong” about the ability of Americans to reach the airport safely.

Psaki stated earlier in the week that the effort to get Americans from Kabul to the controlled area inside the airport could not be called anything but a “success.” The White House remained firmly committed to the August 31 deadline for getting every American out of the country who wanted to leave.

Wilcox added that Rep. Issa’s staff is trying to work with the State Department, the Defense Department, and the White House to aid the Californians they have been in contact with. He also said that as the coordinating agency, the State Department has been slow and ineffective.

Issa’s office confirmed that they helped to secure the evacuation of two families on Thursday after the deadly suicide bomb attack outside one of the airport gates. In addition to that attack, the Taliban has prevented Americans from passing through checkpoints outside the gates into the airport where U.S. military personnel are on patrol.

He said the chaos around the airport is what happens when “our president lets terrorists” prevent the evacuation of Americans. He added that because of the lack of security, “our Marines are paying with their lives.”

Ranking Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Sen. James Risch (R-ID) blamed the Biden administration for creating the situation leading to Thursday’s attack.

Risch issued a statement that said the administration should have implemented a more qualified plan and gotten Americans out much sooner. The information also noted that the emergency evacuation situation was avoidable and is “of the administration’s own making.”