Republican Afghanistan Veteran: “Biden’s Actions Meet Constitutional Definition Of Treason”

After talking with Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani and encouraging him to change perception, U.S. President Joe Biden has pissed off many veterans and active military personnel. From Dan Holloway from the Drinkin’ Bros and American Party podcasts to Medal of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer, the veteran community is speaking out about Biden’s actions in Afghanistan and how he handled the withdrawal.

We’re finding out more information about the intel leading up to the 13 service members being killed at the Kabul, Afghanistan airport. Americans should be ashamed of their president and top military officials. It turns out the U.S. military was monitoring the “ISIS-K” man that was involved in attack plans against U.S. troops, but he wasn’t involved at all. Surveillance footage showed a man bringing empty jugs into his home that U.S. intelligence officials perceived as terroristic activity. The man was bringing them into his house so he could fill them with water for his family.

Brian Mast (R-FL) told Fox News that impeachment is a real possibility and that the 25th amendment wouldn’t be invoked due to partisan politics. Impeachment should be the least of Biden’s concerns in the coming months or years since what he’s done is illegal. He allowed military members to be killed and then killed innocent Afghans in retaliation. No actual revenge has been made with ISIS-K for their actions, and it probably won’t.

Meanwhile, the State Department isn’t allowing planes to leave the Kabul, Afghanistan airport as citizens and allies wait to depart on as many as six planes held on the runway.

Mast said that no less than 10,000 charges of reckless endangerment should come to Biden because of the American lives in Afghanistan and the allies who the Taliban have killed. We’re talking about a president who handed the Taliban biometric devices with retina scanners to determine who worked with the U.S. military. Not a good look at all, and there has to be accountability.

Then there’s the phone call with Ghani. Biden used his power to persuade another political leader to change the perception of the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan for what? So that he could look better? So the media could report that everything was going well? All of that in exchange for the lives of thousands of Afghans who would lay in the waste of Taliban control.

And then there’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken. He said he “was surprised to see the Taliban not place more women in their governmental structure.” Really? You thought they had any respect for women’s rights? What a joke. Sharia Law is at the forefront of the Taliban’s governmental structure, and there’s no respect for women whatsoever. Since the withdrawal, Vice President Kamala Harris has been silent about women’s rights because she doesn’t want to get wrapped up in Biden’s onslaught in front of him. She’s distanced herself from him because she knows that he will be their fall guy, and she’ll take over from there.

Also, nobody from the White House has explained what Harris’ involvement in planning the withdrawal looks like. Biden isn’t mentally capable of doing all of this on his own and had to have help. What better person to do it than Harris! If all the information gets out, she would have to fall as well.