Republican House Member Introduces Bill To ‘Block Chinese Communists’ From American Universities

Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) introduced a House bill last week designed to prohibit upper-level Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members and their families from attending US colleges and universities.

In her statement accompanying the bill, Hartzler said that keeping CCP members and families out of American schools would help to undermine Chinese efforts to damage the US. She added that the country has to realize the Chinese are working on “a plan for world domination.” Hartzler added that America should not be “aiding and abetting” people who want to harm our country.

The bill is titled the “Protecting Higher Education from the Chinese Communist Party Act.” It would immediately prohibit the government from issuing student or research visas to designated CCP officials and their family members. Without the visas, the prohibited persons would not be permitted entry into the country to enroll in schools here.

The State Department and the Institute of International Education have reported over 300,000 Chinese foreign nationals enrolled in US colleges and universities for the 2020-2021 academic year. Those Chinese students make up around 35 percent of all international students attending American schools.

Hartzler claimed that many Chinese students studying here might be directly related to high-ranking CCP members. She pointed out that the CCP leader and Chinese dictator Xi Jinping graduated from Harvard in 2014 and enrolled in another American graduate school in 2019.

The FBI warned the federal government in 2019 that the CCP was using large numbers of students and professors in American schools as “non-traditional collectors” of stolen information, technology, and other intellectual property.

The students and professors were often unwitting collectors of scientific and technological information that is used to benefit Chinese industries, academic institutions, and governmental entities. The FBI estimated that up to $600 billion is lost annually to the Chinese through intellectual property theft.