Republicans Are Still Leading Democrats Ahead of Midterms

The November midterm elections will have significant impacts on the United States as a whole. Ultimately, the outcomes of these races will determine whether or not Congress continues to vote in lockstep with left-wing agendas.

Democrats have made their interest in keeping and expanding their majority in the House and Senate very clear. In fact, the left even goes so far as to claim that democracy itself will cease to exist if Republicans win the midterms.

Meanwhile, GOP candidates nationwide are pointing to the various disasters that have stemmed from a congressional body controlled by the Democrat Party.

Judging from recent polling, the messages of Republicans are resonating with the American people.

New Data on the November Midterms
Fresh polling from Rasmussen Reports shows that 49% of Americans would cast a vote for Republicans if the midterms were held immediately. Meanwhile, only 39% said the same about Democrats.

This new data marks a mild gain for Republicans while Democrats have remained stagnant. Earlier this month, Democrats still had only 39%, while Republicans carried a 47% lead.

As it turns out, one of the greatest assets helping the GOP in this new polling is support from Independent voters. Republicans enjoy a 17% lead in Independent support over their Democratic counterparts.

Ironically, this comes as previous polls demonstrate that Joe Biden himself has significantly lost support from Independents.

Democrats also regularly brand themselves as the party of minorities and the working class. However, Democrats have been hemorrhaging support from both of these voter blocs as Republicans make inroads with them.

The Biden Factor
As Joe Biden’s approval ratings have consistently plummeted, political analysts warned his unpopularity would carry over to Democrats in the midterms.

Meanwhile, as Democrats struggle in the polls, a new survey by Real Clear Politics shows Biden carrying an over 57% disapproval rating, with just over 37% approving of his job performance.

Despite the declining support for both Biden and his party, the White House is not taking any measures to change its policies or messaging.

Republicans, meanwhile, are hammering the president, his administration, and his policies, citing them all as reasons why Congress should flip red.