Republicans Have Huge Leg Up On Democrats Ahead Of Midterms

The midterm elections are generating a lot of buzz these days. Democrats are going all in, saying the United States will become a fascist regime if Republicans are able to win back control of the House, the Senate, or both.

In recent public remarks, Biden stated that if Republicans win the midterms, he’s going to be using his “veto pen” to stop conservative initiatives. Biden also previously stated the United States is doomed to darkness if Democrats aren’t able to win in November.

Unfortunately, for Biden and the Democrats, the polls show Republicans are in a stronger position for victory. This is because on issues that are most important to voters, the GOP is most trusted among the American people.

A Breakdown of the Polls
In a fresh poll by NBC News, almost six in ten Americans agreed that living expenses are the most important factor when considering who they’re going to cast ballots for. This works in the GOP’s favor because more Americans trust Republicans over Democrats to handle economic issues.

Democrats have done a lot of posturing about the “danger to democracy” posed by so-called “MAGA Republicans” and conservatives in general. Yet, polling shows that just 20% of Americans log dangers to US democracy as the most pressing matter facing the nation.

Amid all of this, Biden and the Democrats are largely relying on abortion to take them to victory in November. Yet, the NBC News poll shows only 37% of Americans view abortion as the most pressing issue in the midterms.

The Reality of the Midterms
Virtually every poll demonstrates the midterm elections are going to boil down to issues that are most impactful in America’s lives.

Right now, people are getting eaten alive by high consumer costs and crime rates. Democrats will not address these issues. In a recent 60 Minutes interview, Biden completely downplayed inflation, claimed it’s only moved “by an inch,” and didn’t get to the heart of issues impacting voters.

Republicans across the nation are doing their part to reach out to voters and let them know why it’s so important for the GOP to win the midterms.

Polling has also shown the House of Representatives is highly likely to go to Republicans. While polls show the Senate as being more up in the air, some Republicans express confidence in winning this chamber as well.