Retired CIA Agent Urges Crackdown On ‘Right-Wing Propaganda’

A former CIA agent is on record making an alarming recommendation to government officials on how to battle the spread of conservative ideology in the U.S.

Retired Senior Intelligence Service Officer Marc Polymeropoulos wrote a piece for an NBC website that called for enacting counterterrorism measures against “right-wing propaganda.”

Nevermind the hatred and outrage spewed from the left, it is conservative thought that must be crushed. What the country needs, according to a former spook, is for the Biden administration to unleash its power to stifle the free exchange of ideas.

Polymeropoulos recounted his previous work against Al Qaeda and noted that the notorious terrorist organization’s propagandists were also “held accountable.” He remembered the CIA’s battle was not just against foot soldiers but with those who spread their hatred across the globe.

From there, he drew an obvious parallel between radical jihadists and the Republican Party, arguing they must be dealt with in a similar fashion.

Putting aside the ludicrous attack on U.S. conservatives, what Polymeropoulos essentially called for is criminalizing the opposition.

Using the attack on Paul Pelosi as a launching point for his recommendation, the former CIA agent said that lone wolves such as alleged assailant David DePape are a “thorn” for law enforcement.

After admitting that the accused was not affiliated with a known conservative group, Polymeropoulos wrote that he was immersed in “right-wing propaganda.”

In a San Francisco nudist commune?

The writer further criticized authorities for there being “few signs” that a larger-picture approach aimed at conservative propaganda is being pursued.

He acknowledged that the Constitution permits free speech, even for disagreeable positions, that prevents law enforcement from enacting similar measures against domestic opponents than those used abroad. So what exactly is his solution?

To denounce political violence. Something that has been done by virtually every political leader of all stripes in the nation. But not by everyone.

In 2016, Maxine Waters pushed for harassment of political opponents. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer later yelled at Justice Brett Kavanaugh and others that they would “pay the price” for ruling on abortion.

Kavanaugh was then targeted by an armed political assassin.

BLM, Antifa, the list goes on and on. But Polymeropoulos did not call for counterterrorism measures to be enacted against the left-wing propagandists. It’s only conservative thought that must be equated with radical terrorists who fly planes into buildings and kill innocent civilians.