Retired Lt. Gen. Kellogg Blasts Biden’s ‘Let’s Talk Again’ Strategy

Retired Lt. Gen. Kellogg appeared on “Fox & Friends” and made strong comments about how he would advise Biden on the current Ukraine crisis. Biden had offered Putin a “summit” to talk about resolving the conflict through President Macron of all people (don’t we still have the red phone straight to the Kremlin? What’s with passing notes through friends strategy?). The parties agreed in principle, and then Putin promptly invaded Ukraine a day later.

Kellogg blasted this approach on his appearance, saying that Biden should play his hand forcibly without any more talking. Whenever a former military man says you should “play hard,” he always talks about bombing people. It is a failure of diplomacy and deterrence that we are in this position in the first place.

Biden gave Putin the go-ahead to invade Ukraine with his “minor incursion” press conference. Furthermore, no one took the Administration seriously when it sent Kamala Harris to solve the Ukraine border problem. The Administration’s weak action invited action by Russia.

Kellogg was right in “Fox & Friends” quick hitter when he said that Putin respects strength. That is why there was not even an inkling of conflict in the region when Trump was President. It is not a coincidence that every time Biden ascends to a national office, Russia takes a bite out of Ukraine. First, it was Crimea and the “breakaway” regions this week.

The international community knows that Putin is sending in Russian troops as peacekeepers under the pretense of protecting the sovereignty of the breakaway republics. The question is, will the Russian President be content with his small piece of Ukraine? Most pundits seem to think the purpose of the move is to solidify the stability of Russia’s only deep-water port. It is a strategic asset that they are unwilling to part with. If that is true, the world will only have to live with a minor incursion as Biden will do little more than impose sanctions. However, if Putin moves further east, Biden may be forced to do something he is not used to doing. Making tough choices.