Richmond Police Save Countless Lives in Shooting

The horrific mass shooting on Monday, July 4 in Highland Park, Illinois quickly made national headlines. The shooter has since been taken into custody and charged with murder. Nevertheless, his actions caused considerable deaths and furthered existing divides in America.

Not long after news of the shooting broke, Democrats nationwide began to call for more gun control. Unfortunately, the gun control measures that exist in both Highland Park and the greater state of Illinois did not prevent the mass shooter from claiming lives on Monday.

However, this year’s Independence Day could have been far bloodier. This week, news broke that police officers in Richmond, Virginia actually managed to stop another mass shooting that was set to take place.

A Closer Look at What Would Have Been Another Tragedy
Richmond police officers arrested and charged two illegal immigrants, Rolman Balacarcel and Julio Alvarado-Dubo, after an anonymous member of the community heard the pair discussing mass shooting plans for Dogwood Dell amphitheater.

After being alerted, officers went to the home of Alvarado-Dubo, only to find multiple firearms and ammunition. Both men are currently jailed without any bond whatsoever.

On top of this, one of the men was previously deported from the United States on several occasions, yet continued to come back anyway.

Richmond police have said the concerned citizen who reported Balacarcel and Alvarado-Dubo saved countless lives.

While the motive for these men to carry out a massacre on July 4 remains unknown, the weapons confiscated by law enforcement certainly show they had the means to do serious damage.

A Scary Reminder of Illegal Immigration Dangers
There’s no denying the people of Richmond dodged a serious bullet on July 4. However, the reality that both Balacarcel and Alvarado-Dubo are in the United States illegally and planned this massacre speaks to the threats of illegal immigration.

Under the Biden administration, illegal immigration has grown significantly, despite warnings from conservatives. While Richmond was spared from a great tragedy, more threats will continue to loom around the corner until the southern border is back under wraps.

Days before these would-be shooters planned to attack Richmond’s Dogwood Dell Amphitheater, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claimed the Biden administration is doing a “good job” of managing illegal immigration and the southern border.