Right After Biden’s Terrible Poll Numbers Released, Trump Releases Blistering Statement

While CNN puts out articles titled “Donald Trump is doing everything he can to hurt Republican chances in 2022”, reality has to set in at some point, and people need to realize that what the Democrats in the Washington, D.C. area isn’t working on and people are pissed off. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden’s poll numbers are tanking, and the Democrat media outlets want you to believe that it’s Trump’s fault. Anything they can do to bring Trump back into the conversation, they’ll do it.  

Former President Donald Trump released a statement outlining why Biden’s numbers were so low. Trump noted that the supply chain issue, the embarrassment of Afghanistan, and Covid-19 numbers were to blame. 

Biden doesn’t have an excuse for why the economy is crashing. Covid-19 shut down the country, and now that everything is opening, the economy should be better. The after-effects will be felt, but there’s no reason that gas and grocery prices should be skyrocketing at this point. The only disaster that the economy is facing is Biden in charge. Massive spending isn’t the right move at this point for the American economy. Everything that Trump warned about is happening, and everything Biden promised is turning out to be a lie.  

In the debate against Trump and Biden in September 2020, Chris Wallace noted Biden’s plan was for “big government, big taxes, big spending.” That’s what America is getting. Biden said, “I’m going to eliminate a significant amount of the tax.” Trump promised to continue his free-market approach with lower taxes and deregulation, which worked, by the way. People want to zoom in on 2020 and blame Trump for a lousy economy when businesses were shut down, and unemployment was high, but everyone forgets that the three years prior, the economy was booming. More American jobs, lower taxes, lower gas prices, everyone was happy.  

Nobody should be surprised at what Biden is doing. Anyone who voted for him and is now complaining about what they got is a fool. Biden said he would do it, and he’s doing it. The main thing Biden hasn’t done is support the Black American communities. Biden told Ice Cube that he would speak to him after the election, but Trump brought Ice Cube into the White House to discuss Black American issues. That’s a leader, and that’s what it takes to run this country. To have a backbone and make changes where they need to change. Not waste money and raise taxes on the people who hold up the economy.  

Imagine if Jeff Bezos wakes up and his tax rate has gone up 200%. He’s going to consider other countries as viable options to move his company. That would tank our economic structure, and other companies would do the same thing. They don’t want to be discarded from society after building the largest companies in the world. They want to be welcomed in and congratulated for the positive change that they’ve been able to make.  

As far as the Covid-19 number goes, Press Secretary Jen Psaki lied to the American people. She said that she thought the Covid-19 numbers would be lower, and even though “we have full FDA approval,” there isn’t full FDA approval on the Covid-19 vaccine. That’s an absolute lie. The FDA approved Comirnaty, which isn’t available in the United States. All other Covid-19 vaccines are still under emergency use authorization. That’s what you’re getting with Biden’s administration. They aren’t willing to be truthful.